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Welcome to NASAAR – the National Association of Sports Agents & Athlete Representatives! NASAAR brings together those people who make it happen behind the scenes for athletes you see on the field!


NASAAR members include sports agents, contract advisors, financial professionals, marketing experts, performance trainers, sports medicine experts, marketers and others who regularly work with today's professional athletes. NASAAR formally launched in July 2012 to:

  • Serve as a resource for the public and industry
  • Monitor legislative activities at the state and federal government levels affecting sports agents athletes
  • Serve as a liaison to the NCAA, players associations, schools, regulators and other entities on agent and representation matters.
  • Monitor relevant enforcement actions, legal proceedings, and other regulatory matters.
  • Develop and manage industry committees to foster collaboration within the industry to address common issues and concerns.
  • Develop a repository of information on key issues affecting sports agents including statistics, industry trend, enforcement actions and other key metrics.
  • Serve as an official resource for the public on athlete agent related- issues.
  • Administer educational programs and conferences to educate our community on recent trends and changes in the law, ethics issues, new products and services, and other in formative topics.

In the past few years, athletes representatives including contract advisors, marketing agents, financial advisors, runners, etc. have come under heightened scrutiny and criticism with the barrage of NCAA scandals, issues, and other concerns that have shined a negative spotlight on the industry, giving rise to calls for greater regulation and oversight. Furthermore, public perception often loses sight of the important role that agents and athlete representatives play in the life and career of their athlete clients. The natural competitiveness of the industry has often made it difficult to foster collaboration where your colleagues are often the enemy.  NASAAR fills this important void in the industry!


Please feel free to contact us with any questions and comments you may have at [email protected]. To learn more about becoming a member or affiliating with NASAAR, please check out the membership section on the site.


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